• Large clear digits
  • Warns of cold temperature
  • Blue flashing LED back light
  • Prevents cold related illnesses


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer has one simple purpose; it’s designed is to help save lives. In the UK, over 27,000 people die each year due to cold related illnesses so the Tom Digital Thermometer is dedicated to help reduce this alarming number.


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer is a perfect fit for the elderly, as it helps families to ensure their loved ones and family members are not in any danger. Provide your loved one with Tom, then ask 'How's Tom?' If he's cold or cool you then know there could be a problem and so something needs to be done as soon as possible.


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer costs only £19.99 to help safeguard the lives of your loved ones and is supplied with all the help & information that you need on how to help combat the cold. Being ready and prepared when cold weather is expected, or as we know, sometimes unexpectedly,   could help make the difference between life and death.


Very easy to use


Using large clear LCD digits, descriptive words and a blue flashing LED back light; The Tom Thermometer will inform users about the status of temperature in their room.   Ideally, a living room temperature should be between 18c-21c, but people are not aware of the dangerous consequences of being exposed to temperatures that go below this level.  


The Tom Thermometer alerts the user when the temperature drops to harmful colder levels. Between 16c-18c degrees it will start to flash blue every 6 seconds with the large word ‘COOL’ being displayed. If the temperature drops below 16 degrees, which can cause a serious risk to health, The Tom Thermometer will flash blue every 3 seconds and display the large word ‘COLD’. Above these temperatures The Tom Thermometer will simply display ‘OK’ or ‘GOOD’ if the room is at, or higher than, the optimal 21 degrees.


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer features:


Warn the user if room temperature is dangerously low

Has an easy to read large LCD screen


Has large numbers & descriptive word for temperature status: GOOD, OK, COOL, COLD


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer Is supplied with useful information for family & friends to ask 'How's Tom' to monitor the temperature in the living environment of a loved one.


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer   is supplied with information & resources to aid cold weather planning and make best use of energy and thermal efficiencies to combat the cold.


The Tom Digital Room Thermometer