March 26, 2019

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March 26, 2019

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How to Increase Your Home Security

April 20, 2012

How to Increase Your Home Security

Increase your home's security without spending anything.

1 Try and think like a burglar. Try and pretend to be a burglar, and think of ways that burglar would break into your home. Study your home and observe any weaknesses within its security .

2 Always lock your doors. Even if you may have lived in the house nearly all your life, when and where it was okay to leave your doors unlocked for the neighbours. That was then, this is sadly now.

3 Lock all the windows. Ground level windows and sliding doors are easier to open from the outside.

4 Lock the patio/sliding door. Never leave the patio/sliding doors unlocked at night or when going out. The patio/sliding door can provide easy access to burglars.

5 Lock your garage doors. Garage doors can sometimes provide easy/hidden access into your home via the garage. So treat them just like any other door; make sure they are always locked properly, and especially the door that leads from your garage into your house.

6 Your New home, may need new locks. When moving into a new property, it may be sensible to change all the locks, as you never know who has a copy of your keys.

7 Always leave the lights, TV, or radio on. When you go out, leave a light on in any room in the house or buy a light timer to automatically turn lights on/off at scheduled times. This gives the impression that someone is in the house, and makes the burglar hesitate about trying to break in.

8 Never, ever leave notes on the door. For example: "Hi, if you are delivering my parcel, I won't be home today please leave my package at the rear of the house." Any potential burglar will definitively know that you are out all day and won’t be home all day. That is 4-6 hours to break into your house, and they don’t need very long to break in and steal your most treasured possessions.

9 Always close your curtains. Keep your curtains closed in rooms where you have expensive equipment. As this will give burglars the perfect view into your home and make their efforts all the more rewarding.

10 Always report strange things to the Police. If you see a strange car keep driving passed/through your neighbourhood/road several times during the day then try and take their details type of car and registration number and  report it to the Police! If someone is parked in your street for a long time, again report it! And a removals van parked at your neighbours house,  and ask if they aren’t moving why the van, it may be a good idea to report it!

11 Install security lighting in your garden. It is always harder for a burglar to break in to your house if there are lights placed at all the entry points to your house.

12 Install an alarm system. If a burglar managed to break into your house, an alarm system would deter him from proceeding further. And alarm others that your alarm has been triggered.

13 Change your lock if you ever lose your key/s. As someone else may have picked it up and will try it on the local houses.

14 Always ensure that your garden hedges are trimmed and cut to below the level of your window sills.

15 Get yourself a dog. A dog barking (sometimes) can serve as a warning and attract passer-by/neighbours attention, something that burglars will always try to avoid.

16 Never leave a spare key. It is not sensible to leave a spare key anywhere around your home, especially in obvious places such as under the door mat or plant pots in the garden. Burglars look in all these places these days.

17 Install security fittings/locks on your doors and windows. Especially if homes in your local area have been broken into recently . These types of security fittings will prevent burglars from trying to break into your home through windows.

18 Buy a safe. A good safe can help protect your most precious and sentimental valuables but also all your important paperwork, cheque books, bank statements and financial records.

Extra Tips

When buying any appliance such as a new TV, do you just throw the box outside for the refuge men? If so, this means that anyone can just drive by and see a new TV box by your rubbish bins and then know you have a new TV and enough money to buy one.

Cut and mow your lawn on a regular basis. If a potential thief/burglar passes by and sees that the grass is not cut and that your post and newspapers are still lying on the porch, he instinctively sees an opportunity. As he thinks nobody is home or nobody even cares. This is especially important when going away on holiday or away with friends and family. Always ask your neighbours if they would collect your post, or ask the post office to hold onto your mail for collection. Cut and mow your lawn before you go, and ensure your house looks secure by making it look lived in and inhabited. People being at home or just looking like it is, means that the burglar will move onto an easier property to try and break into. Thieves want an easy job, not a hard one, to make easy money. So don't give them a chance to do it.

If somebody calls and knocks on your door, and says they are doing a home security survey, make sure you always say that you have a security system already in place and connected to the fire service and the police, as well as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers located around your home. Why? Because you never know who is calling and asking you. It is easier for a potential burglar to pose as a telemarketer to get the vital information they need to quantify your property as