March 26, 2019

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March 26, 2019

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The ways you can best travel as an Arthritis sufferer

August 7, 2014

The ways you can best travel as an Arthritis sufferer

Your bags are packed and your flights are booked. And you have a list of places to visit. However, as Arthritis sufferer, are you fully prepared enough to deal with your arthritis whilst away on holiday?

1. Find the U.K. embassy

Knowing the location of your UK Embassy or Consulate can be very helpful when travelling abroad. If you have a medical emergency of any kind, embassy/consulate staff can help direct you to the best possible medical care. Knowing the embassy’s location and contact information such as telephone number is therefore a smart step for any traveller. But for people with chronic conditions, it’s absolutely essential.


2. Create a list of all your medications

Customs officials may possibly become questioning of your situation should they find needles in your luggage, but a GPs note explaining your medical condition and why you have the needles may help you.

If you take multiple medications, this is especially important. Make a list of all your medications and their dosages, and always keep this in a safe place separate from where you keep your medications. So you do not lose it.

Include your GP’s contact information on this list, also. As most GP’s are happy to provide this type of information. As this way, should you lose any crucial medication and need a refill, a pharmacy can contact your GP to confirm your need is necessary, essential and valid.

3. Always keep your medication with you

Keep your medications in a carry-on bag rather than in a checked-in luggage bag. You do not want to risk a flare-up because your airline has lost your luggage — which can happen. Personally, I carry all my medications in my rucksack when travelling.