March 26, 2019

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Creating the right environment for someone who is living with dementia

March 26, 2019

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The risk of falling increases with dementia

November 13, 2014


Sadly those who are suffering with a dementia related disease will eventually develop an unsteady gait, whereby the sufferer will hardly lift their feet. Instead they will develop a shuffle and this therefore creates a higher risk of falling. At this point, my advice to anyone and as a safety precaution, remove all carpets, throws and rugs. In order to avoid any potential slip, trips or falls. However, this is just one of the concerns to consider as there are many other things we need to do.

Suffering cognitive impairment will also affect their sense of perception. For example, to them some objects may appear closer than what they actually are. Sometimes when they maybe approaching a step or a curb, they might make the mistake of lifting their foot too early, and so they may most likely lose their balance.

Their anxiety level and state of confusion may also be factors. As watching someone trying to get in and out of a chair and not quite make it, and that person would then fall back into their seat. And even when they finally do make it to their feet they will remain unsteady.

Medication can also be another worry. As some dementia medications that are prescribed can challenge their balance based on side effects of taking the medication. This was the case for my Dad but as soon as his GP took him off the tablets he was taking for his kidneys, he recovered nearly all of his balance.


There are a number of things that we can do to help our loved ones stay independent and safe in their home. My favourite is keeping their house well lit. Even at night, when everyone is usually asleep, I still keep some lights in the house on.

Carers should try and help their patients stay strong and healthy by encouraging them to exercise regularly . Leg lifts are a good idea.  Maybe even join in with them and they might even think it's helping you as well.  Exercises can even be done