March 26, 2019

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March 26, 2019

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The clocks have gone back and the nights are getting dark faster

November 13, 2014


The clocks went back on October 26th and the nights are starting to get dark faster. With this I am afraid, and according to the ONS, it also comes with an increase in burglaries.

Therefore, it is highly advisable that you take some precautions and preventative measures against burglary, before the winter fully arrives.

  •     Keep your doors locked when you are at home.  And of course especially when you go out.

  •     Avoid, or never, leave a spare key by the back door.

  •     Always keep car keys, and other valuables, out of sight and away from windows and doors.

  •     Ensure all your house locks match British Standard requirements.

  •     Always leave a light on. And use a timer switch to turn on lights inside the house.

  •     Always draw your curtains at night.

  •     If you have a burglar alarm installed, then use it. If not, consider getting one installed.

Unfortunately as it is getting darker, during the winter it is easy to find out when a home is unoccupied. So any of the above security measures can help prevent burglaries and give an opportunistic burglar second thoughts when attempting to break in to a property.

Increase your security

Here are some simple (easy-to-do) tips to help keep your home and valuables safe whilst you are out or away on holiday.

Let your well trusted neighbours know you are away on holiday. But only those you trust well enough to tell. This will give them the opportunity to keep an eye on your house whilst you are away. As if they spot any suspicious behaviour they can call the Police if needed. As also, provide your neighbours with your contact information whilst you are away.