Sudocream - What are its ingredients?

Because nurses scrub their hands so often and apply sanitisers all day, some develop dermatitis and have hands so dry that they sometimes crack and bleed, posing a risk of infection. I am told Sudocrem Cream is the answer to this. Sudocream - What are its ingredients? Zinc Oxide This natual antibacterial compound helps soothe and protect the skin. it is also used in suncream as a physical barrier. To reflect uva and uvb rays. a recent study reported that zinc oxide can prevent eye damage after exposure to intense light. Benzyl Alcohol A mild local anaesthetic that is also used in cold sore remedies like xxxx Benzyl benzoate A chemical used to treat scabies, a mite that burrows under the skin. it prevents infection Beeswax A barrier to prevent moisture loss, it soothes nappy rash, psoriasis and eczema Lavender Fragrance Sudocrem's scent

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