Christmas: Food tips for people with diabetes

Diabetes UK has issued advice in order to help people manage their Diabetes over the Christmas & New Year period. If you are living with diabetes, following a healthy lifestyle at Christmas can be both a temptation and struggle. However, it doesn’t mean that the traditional festive foods are forbidden. Just like everyone else, people who have diabetes can enjoy the odd high fat or high sugar food like traditional mince pies or Christmas pudding as part of their healthy diet. Diabetes UK does not recommend that people who have diabetes or their family or friends buy ‘diabetic’ foods, such as ‘diabetic’ Christmas cake or ‘diabetic’ chocolate. As there is no special benefit to people with diabetes and it will still affect their blood glucose levels. Sadly, ‘diabetic’ foods can contain just as much fat and calories as the normal versions and can even have a laxative effect as well as being expensive. It is suggested that you have small amounts of ordinary festive foods instead and balance these with healthier recipes and snacks. To help people manage their diabetes over the festive season, Diabetes UK has various website pages with tips and recipes on their website. There is also helpful advice on party food, safe guidelines for alcohol consumption and information on how to choose to healthier options of favourite Christmas dishes and naughty treats. The important thing to remember is to always stay active as this will help you manage your blood glucose levels. For example, take a walk in the local park. 1-2 high blood glucose readings should not affect your long-term diabetes control, however, people who are living with diabetes should always aim to avoid persistently high readings.

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