New UK App supports families living with Dementia

Following a successful pilot, MOJO – the online support system for families living with dementia - is set to break nationally, with a Sky TV advertising campaign screening from Monday March 1st.

MOJO (Moments of Joy) connects everybody involved in the care of a loved one, with 12 helpful and imaginative features to reduce stress and find moments of joy even in the face of adversity.

At the Front Line of Dementia Care

Dementia is the UK's biggest cause of death, but unlike many terminal illnesses, it's the wider family who often bear the burden, with very little external support available.

Innovative Support for Hidden Army of Carers

MOJO incorporates a range of creative tools to improve the care experience amongst the wider family, allowing patients to receive the best possible care, but just as importantly; reducing the burden on those around them.

MOJO Manager:

  • Medication Manager: Reminders, logs and alerts.

  • Checklists: Personal checklists for every stage of the journey;

  • Care Notes and Reports: Simple reports track key dementia data to monitor health and behavioural changes.

  • Calendar and Messaging: Automated and user-generated information distributed across the family network.

  • Memory Box: Digital photo album with captions and user tagging.

  • Friends and Family: Timeline images of family and friends over time to help recognition today.

  • Time Machine: Join your loved one on their time travels with music, film, events, family photos and information for every year.

MOJO Mentoring:

Online workshops, forums and 360° specialist advice.

MOJO Monitoring:

Automated family messaging system for wanderers.

Raising the Quality of Care for All Involved

The Alzheimer's Society contend: "Technology should be seen in the context of complementing the care and support provided to an individual to enhance their quality of life."

It's an outlook endorsed by John Thornhill, co-founder of MOJO, "Most of us have seen the effect of dementia on the patient, but MOJO's for the family, whose daily lives are dramatically altered by the responsibility and emotional impact of a loved one's dementia. We believe our ongoing support and technology will make a difficult journey less challenging."

About MOJO:

MOJO (Moments of Joy) is a revolutionary 360° dementia support system for families, providing practical tools to manage treatment and imaginative features to improve the quality of time spent together.


Instagram: mojodementia

Twitter: mojodementia

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