The most common causes of Back, Neck or Leg pain

After suffering a slipped disc a few years ago and having to suffer the excruciating pain. I hope never to experience back pain like that again. The most common causes of Back, Neck or Leg pain are:

Sciatica Sciatica is caused by the compression and pinching of a nerve, which will likely lead to pain, weakness or tingling from the buttocks all the way down to the leg, calf and maybe even feet and toes. This was most certainly my experience.

Slipped Disc Your vertebrae in the spine are separated by cartilage known as 'discs'. Each disc contains a 'gel' to help cushion and protect them from our daily routine and activities such as bending down, walking, running and sitting and lifting objects.

However, if the disc is damaged or warned down, the disc is then compromised and offers less protection. This is when you will suffer back pain etc. This is what is commonly known as slipped discs or disc bulges.

Degenerative Disk Disease (Spondylolistthesis) As we all get older, your spinal discs are prone to degeneration and break down. Your posture, wear and tear and trauma are all common causes of Degenerative Disk Disease.

Degenerative Disk Disease can also be a precursor for the onset of Osteoarthritis, Spinal Setenosis or Spondylolistthesis.

Facet Syndrome Facet Syndrome develops in the 'Facet Joints' between the vertebrae, as a result of injury, wear and tear and overuse. Facet Joint Syndrome can affect anywhere along the spine, most commonly in the lumbar (lower back) or cervical (neck) areas of the body.

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