Is there a difference between Alzheimers and Dementia?

Is there a difference between Alzheimers and Dementia? Dementia is not a disease but an umbrella term to cover a set of symptoms such as: Memory loss, Personality change, and impaired intellectual functions because of disease or trauma to the brain. It has many possible causes. There are diseases that progressively attack brain cells and connections, notably Alzheimers, Parkinsons or Huntingdons disease. It can also be caused by conditions such as a stroke, that can disrupt oxygen flow to the brain and rob the brain of vital nutrients. Infections or illnesses that affect the central nervous system, including cjd and hiv can also cause dementia. some conditions are treatable such as liver or kidney disease, depression induced pseudodementia and operable brain tumours. Dementia can also be caused by a single trauma or repeated injuries to the brain. Alzheimers is the most common form of Dementia and was founded by German Neurologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906. During the course of the disease protein plaques and tangles develop in the structure of the brain leading to the death of the brain cells. Sufferers also have declining volumes of the chemicals involved with the transmission of messages within the brain. Alzheimers is a chronic disease and over time more parts of the brain become damaged. And as this occurs the symptoms become more severe.

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