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Pensioners fall for scams in the post

Unsolicited mail offering many the chance to turn small sums of money into a fortune has plagued a 77-year-old pensioner for years. With the pensioner spending over £100.00 a week on lotteries that he had little or no chance of him ever winning. However the fear is that many of our elderly suffer so much loneliness, that so many look forward to receiving any postal mail that arrives. However, it goes without saying, if this mail is acted upon it can bring costly and painful consequences. Which is why I am glad that I came across a wonderful charity called ThinkJessica. Who are a charity set up to help victims of scam mail. Who urge anyone concerned by scams to contact the Advertising Standards Authority. If you need help or know anyone that does you can send an e-mail to: Or write to them at: Think Jessica, PO Box 44, 42 Chesterfield S44 9AS. Or make contact via their online contact form:

Other helpful organisations, that may be able to help you are:

Mail Preference Service Telephone Preference Service – for removing yourself from telemarketing calls Advertising Standards Authority Guide to Stamping Out Junk Mail Advice for older people

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