10 ways to help prevent crime

POLICE issued advice to help deter would-be criminals over Christmas and into the New Year. We can all help to deter would-be thieves by taking simple precautions to make life more difficult for them. At home the police advise: - Tell trusted friends or neighbours if you are away and try to make your home look occupied - Keep doors and windows secured - Don't open doors to unidentified callers - Make sure presents under the Christmas tree are not visible - Don't leave large amounts of cash at home. - In the car police advise: - Lock presents and valuables in the boot of the car, out of sight - Park in well-lit areas - Remove accessories such as sat navs - Lock your vehicle - Don't keep valuables such as cheque books or credit cards in the glove compartment.

People are urged to call 999 if they see any suspicious activity. For more help and information, please click on the following Metropolitan Police webpages: http://content.met.police.uk/Site/crimepreventionbumblebee http://content.met.police.uk/Site/crimeprevention

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