How to cope with the death and loss of a friend

How to cope with the death and loss of a friend 1 Acknowledge the death of your friend. Always try and attend the funeral, but if you can’t, arrange to meet up with the family to pay your respects. Perhaps write a tribute to that friend, even if it is only for yourself. 2 Organise a group get together with mutual friends and/or family and ensure (if you can) to talk about your friend. Organise a lunch, dinner or tea for this group of friends on a regular basis, every year and share stories with the group about your friend. 3 Ask the family for a photograph, perhaps a recent one or an older one of when they were younger and put it in a scrapbook with any significant dates. 4 Plant a special flower in your garden such as a nice rose. Or something else that you think will help create a reminder of your dear friend. Or create your very own ritual with candles and flowers for example on a special date such as their birthday or a date that means something to you. 5 If your friend has any surviving relatives, call them every now and again and talk about your friend and the good times you had together. 6 Always remember that you are perfectly entitled to grieve, so expect your feelings to surface in a number of ways. 7 Allow other friends the chance and opportunity to offer emotional or practical support. 8 Volunteer for something that you know and believe your friend would appreciate and approved of. Such as volunteer work for a charity, as it is never too late to make a contribution to any charity cause.

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