The Cheekey is a must-have for Arthritis sufferers

Living with arthritis can be very hard. And just how much arthritis affects you and how you live your life depends on how bad you suffer with Arthritis. Coping with the everyday physical limitations is frustrating as even the simplest of tasks can be frustrating such as opening a bottle or pulling the ring pull on a can. And if you suffer with hand arthritis, those 2 things can be very difficult to do. Many of us, including myself have a drawer full of can/tin openers and gadgets you bought years ago that no longer work. Well because of this and because I know it works I have recently invested in The Cheekey. As I have been told a number of times by my Mum that often the simplest of things she finds the most frustrating can be opening a bottle of drink or simply pulling the ring pull on a tin of tomato soup – and boy does she love Tomato Soup! And above or else, it costs just a few pounds. As I said the physical limitations that arthritis causes can be very frustrating. Joints are painful and no longer have the normal range of movement can interfere with performing easy and simple everyday tasks. Tasks that I am lucky enough, to carry out without any problems at all. As if your arthritic joints make a job impossible to do, you will have to ask someone to help you do it or hope you have a gadget or device in the house that will help you do it. Of course, there isn't always someone about to help you and with time most gadgets either don't do what it used to do as they have aged. Hand arthritis is no more problematic or troublesome than when you are in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch or dinner and have to open bottles, or cans/tins. As opening a small 500ml water bottle can present a problem for people with arthritis who have difficulty getting the required grip and applying enough pressure to twist and pull the cap or top. The Cheekey fits in the hand perfectly and allows you to hold it with ease due to its size and sleek design. The Cheekey is a 2-in-1 opener as it can open quickly pull the ring pull on a coke or a lemonade can, pet food tin, soup tin, or in fact any can with a ring pull. And will easily pop off the metal caps of glass bottles such as water or beer bottle!. And of course, I shouldn’t forget can also be used to turn your house key in the door lock.

So, why do I shout about the Cheekey and not other openers? Well because of what it can do, and for the price it does it for. Especially as I have been asked by my Mum to find her some Kitchen tools and she loved it so much, I thought it worthwhile mentioning. Which is why I believe it is an absolute necessity for anyone with arthritis, especially arthritis of the hand. You will truly be amazed by how effortless opening bottle tops and ring pulls become.

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