How to create a Dementia safe bedroom

Your home must always be a personal environment to you as everyone needs a private place and some peace and quiet. A safe home is a less stressful home especially for a person who has dementia or Alzheimer's. Bedroom Imagine all the reasons that someone who has Alzheimer's might get out of bed during the early hours, such as being hungry or thirsty. Or the person with dementia may simply need to go to the bathroom. In which case try to meet those needs by offering sufficient foods and fluids and scheduling ample toileting times. Or if not, provide the person with dementia with Toileting aids. Use a night-light.

Use a monitoring device to alert you to any sounds indicating a fall or need for help. This is also helpful in the bathroom.

Remove carpets, throws and rugs. Remove portable heaters. If you use portable fans, always ensure no objects can be placed on them or the blades. Beware when using electric mattress pads, electric blankets, and heating pads. All of which can cause burns and fires. Keep these device controls out of reach to the dementia sufferer. If the person with Alzheimer's is at risk of falling out of bed, place fall mats next to their bed. But only if you believe the fall mats do not create an even greater risk of accident. Use transfer boards/mats or mobility aids.

Use a soothing vapour which can reduce agitation and create a sense of calm. Install an adjustable grab bed-rail or mini grab bed-rail.

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