Managing diabetes whilst on holiday

With the holiday season nearly gone, and for other upon us, many of the 3.2 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK will be looking forward to a well deserved break in the sunshine, or planning a long weekend away and they are being urged to plan ahead for their time away, and be prepared for all eventualities. If you or your child has diabetes then the condition will be going on your holiday with you, but there’s no reason for it to slow anyone down provided you do some advance preparation. Diabetes UK has useful travel advice at including handy tips about carrying snacks and some of your medication in your hand luggage , in case of delays. Other suggestions include taking a letter from your diabetes team explaining your condition, and being aware of how a change in weather might impact on your condition. There is also detailed information about how to plan ahead to avoid any issues with airports and airlines if you have an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor . For people living with Type 2 diabetes, Diabetes UK’s online e-learning programme, ‘Type 2 Diabetes and Me’, aimed at improving the knowledge of self-management of all those living with the condition, also includes a whole section about how to cope while on holiday. It can be accessed for free at For more information and advice call Diabetes UK’s Careline on 0345 123 2399.

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