Daily Living Aids designed to help make life easier

For anyone with limited mobility, 7 days can sometimes be a long week and during this week, you face some everyday challenges. Therefore, it is key that you help that person and support their emotional well-being so that they remain as independent as they would like. One way of doing this is to ensure they have some of the tools and independent living aids available to them, so that they can live safely and comfortably. These independent living aids/mobility aids can range from a Walker/Rollator , Walking Stick, Reacher or something to help them get up from their chair such as an Upeasy cushion.

Are you ever worried about slipping in the bath? Bathing is one area that a loss of independence can be felt, due to a loss of mobility. Our elderly can sometimes struggle to get in and out of the bath, especially if they have wet hands or feet. Few of our elderly family or friends (just ask my parents) want to always rely on their partner or carer, so because of this they are all too often forced to strip wash at the bathroom basin - and in some cases at the kitchen sink - not out of convenience but moreso because they no longer feel safe in the bath or even become stuck in it.

Therefore, some daily living aids that can help restore independence is by installing grab rails/bars within the bathroom, as also safety strips in order to help avoid slips. Also, if you want to have a bath, you could use a bathing cushion which inflates and deflates as and when required, to help you get in and out of the bath. There are a variety of bathroom tools and accessories which will help make the bathing experience a pleasure, rather than a concern or worry. As these independent living aids take into account an elderly person's needs and requirements when bathing. Not only will this help boost their safety and wellbeing but also help make it possible for the elderly person to remain in the home they love. The risk of the Stairs Additionally, the family and friends of the loved one may also be concerned about the risks of their loved one falling down or on the stairs. The consequences of which can be broken bones or worse still, a fractured hip.

But as I well know from speaking with customers, persuading an elderly relative that a stairlift would be helpful to use, getting them to agree can be hard as it is seen as yet another loss to their independence. Even as a carer who has had a busy day dealing with their clients, the stairs can be a task. And of course, this also applies to their partners who also live in the home and have to help their husband or wife up and down the stairs. Moving to a bungalow can be expensive and an enormous upheaval for someone in the later stages of their life. So a stairlift brings many benefits, and can be installed to most staircases, coping with curves, bends and narrow spaces. And attach to stair treads.

Having to rely on others such as friends or family isn't the same as being able to get out and about independently on their own. Owning a Rollator, Walker, Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter can help you do this. Such as visiting friends or doing your shopping. Nowadays the latest Mobility Scooters can be adapted as and when the owners needs change over the years.

So for example if you require a newer supportive seat or a different accelerator control further down the road, such as being diagnosed with arthritis for example, all those things can now be added and so avoid the need of having to buy another mobility scooter. Research shows and indeed my experience tells me, that if an elderly person has a positive outlook, they are more less likely to develop problems dressing , showering , and getting in and out of the bed. My 81 year old Dad walks daily, and he is I am glad to say, still walking the same distance he was walking 5 years ago. I only hope this continues, as I also have a 94 year old Aunt who still does her food shopping - albeit with a shopping trolley these days. So anything that you can do to try and stay independent is likely to help you feel happier and healthier.

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