Dementia: Signs, symptoms and some ways to help reduce risk

Signs and symptoms of dementia - He or she may forget details or even an entire event. For instance, he or she may not be able to recall having ate their dinner just a short while ago - He or she may lose the ability to make decisions and their sense of time and place - He or she may lose their way around familiar areas and neighbourhoods - He or she may encounter difficulties when undertaking simple tasks such as washing, eating and dressing - He or she may lose the ability to perform everyday tasks such as dressing, eating or bathing - He or she may become less communicative and more inward and reclusive - He or she may become restless and more irritable

Helpful strategies to help reduce the risk of developing dementia - He or she should exercise on a regular basis - He or she should keep the mind active by solving puzzles and learning a new skill/hobby - He or she should always manage chronic diseases appropriately, such as monitoring and controlling high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol - He or she should build a strong network of family and friends to socialise with

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